How To See Your Battery Percentage On iPhone X

The occurring of the iPhone X will make the new competitive competition inside the smartphone market. This headset becomes the popular product, which will beat the other vendors in providing sleek product. As you may hear, iPhone X does some renewals in its appearance, especially the edge-to-edge display with the small notch on its top. This renewal is the reason why the TrueDisplay camera and all the sensor need the Face ID live. Here, we will see the way in how to see your battery percentage.

Yes, previously, iPhone shows the wireless connectivity in its left, the time in center and the battery icon in the same place with the icon of Bluetooth, alarm and location tracking.

However, now, the notch comes with the new appearance. The time now appears in the left side of the notch and battery icon appears in the right side together with cellular bars and Wi-Fi connectivity. However, there is no percentage in the battery bar, which sometimes will provide unclear information for you.

I am sure that some users want to know the percentage of the battery, so they could manage the power of iPhone X well. If you really want to know about the percentage of the battery, here some steps that you need to do.

  1. Swipe down from the right of the screen. This step will be good to pull the iOS 11 control center up. Here, by this simple step, the expanded battery detail, including the percentage will appear on the top right.
  2. To make the control center disappear, you just need to swipe it up.

Seeing the very simple steps as above, we may see that seeing the percentage of the battery is not a problem to resolve. It is just a simple way and you could do it in seconds! Well, that is all about the way in how to see your battery percentage. I hope it will be useful for you all.

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