How To Use Animoji In The New iPhone X

Inserting the emoticon during the chatting could be a nice way to increase the expression. In other hand, there is no better way to show that you have the new iPhone X –especially when your friends do not have it, than showing the Animoji. Yes, it is the exclusive features inside the iPhone X, which will make the chatting time becomes more colorful. However, some people still do not know about the way to insert the Animoji. In order to help you inserting this feature, here we will talk about the way in how to use Animoji.

Actually, what is Animoji? The Animoji is an app lays inside the messages app, which will allow you to send the 12 emoji-styled animated images characters. Something special here is the face detection software of iPhone X, which will be useful to change the facial expression of the animated characters.

Here, we will talk about the way to use Animoji through the iPhone X below.

Open the Message and tap Animoji app

As we have said before that Animoji lays inside the Messages app. It means that to enjoy the Animoji, you need to open the Messages app and look at the text-input area, which lays on the bottom of the screen. When the keyboard is showing, just tap to the apps icon.

However, how about when the keyboard is not visible? Here, you could manage it by see the small strips of the app icon, which is also placed in the bottom of screen. In the strip, you will see the Messages app includes the striker apps, music app, Digital Touch, and others. The icon of Animoji is the face of monkey.

Choose the character

After finding the strip, you could choose your own character. Here, there are 12 characters to choose. Swipe to find you favorite one.

Expand for full-screen view

In the keyboard screen, there is an expanding icon. For the default, you will see the complete Animoji with the small size. However, when you slide the expanding icon, you will be able to see the full-screen view of the Animoji character.

Hold your phone up and pose

Animoji works with the face detection of iPhone. Here, once you launch this app, make sure that you hold the phone, show the front camera will automatically be opened. Here, you could pose and see your facial expression, as it is reflected in the animated characters.

Apple completes the job of mapping the kinds of facial expression for the different part of the characters. It means that you may discover the expression by giving the reflection of different object by the Animoji character. For example, if you puff out the cheeks while the robot Animoji is selected, you will see that there are ears automatically occur in its head.

Record a 10-second video message

The most common way for users of iPhone X to send the Animoji is by recording a 10-second video message. Here, you could do it by tapping red dot in the corner of window of Animoji. When the video recording is done, it will be automatically sent to your friends.

Change Animoji after recording

If you like your recording but you want to change the character of Animoji, you have access to do it. After the recording, you could pick the different character from the left side menu and the video will be played again with the new character.

Send a striker

Video is not the only way to send the Animoji. Here, you could send the Animoji as the stiker. It is the simpler way to make the colorful chatting with your friend.

Save Animoji video for later

When you think that you have special video in recording using the Animoji app, you are able to save it as a video file. Here, you need to tap and hold the video and the saving menu will appear. The video from the Animoji app will be saved in the Camera Roll and you are free to send it to your friend later.

Well, based on the explanation above, we may see that there are simple ways in how to use Animoji through the iPhone X. The Animoji app is the interesting feature inside the iPhone X, which will deliver the nice thing for coloring the chatting time.

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