How To Use Portrait Mode On The iPhone X’s Front Camera Easily

iPhone X becomes the hot smartphone in the world and the occurring of this product in the market will make a new competitive competition than other vendors. Here, the new iPhone X joins the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, which previously providing the portrait mode feature in its rear camera. Of course, this feature is very nice to increase the experience in capturing the image and it is also able to create the best effect. However, how to use portrait mode on the iPhone X’s front camera?

Before knowing the way to use the portrait mode, users need to know that iPhone X provides better detail than the previous product. The iPhone X has special mode for delivering the stylish selfies. In other hand, it also has the TrueDepth camera, which will increase the quality of image.

Now, let us see the way to use the portrait mode of the front camera from the iPhone X below.

Step to Use the Portrait Mode on iPhone X Camera

There are some easy steps to do when you want to enjoy the portrait mode of the iPhone X’s camera. See the simple steps below.

  1. Open the iPhone X’s camera app
  2. Select portrait mode inside the app from the bottom menu (here you could start capturing the photo, as you want)
  3. Press the front-facing camera. The location is in the bottom right of the display. Choose the portrait mode
  4. Use the cube-shaped navigation. It is the right tool to manage the lighting options. Here, there are some lighting options, as the natural light, studio light, contour light, stage light and stage light mono.

Based on the explanation above, we may see that there are only simple in how to use portrait mode on the iPhone X’s front camera. By the simple steps, I am sure that everyone could do it easily. Now, you could do your favorite position of selfies. However, please notice that the portrait mode lighting is still beta. It means that the effect will be not quite maximal as the full version. We wait the renewals from iPhone for this side.

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